Our Solution Is Going Green®

Capitol Cleaners is proud to be a steward of the environment. Brian and Angie Weidner through their Company, BriAng Garment Care, LLC, made an important decision to change cleaning solvents used in the drycleaning process at each of their processing facilities. A new slogan was trademarked and registered that says it best…Our Solution is going Green®. In September, 2008, BriAng Garment Care, LLC purchased the assets from the Bankruptcy Court where the business operated as Capitol Varsity, Inc. had filed for bankruptcy relief. Prior to the asset purchase, BriAng Garment Care, LLC dba Capitol Cleaners changed the drycleaning process at the plants. Garments drycleaned by the previous owner using Perchloroethylene (“Perc”) were replaced with a “Green” solvent. The Weidner’s spent a significant amount of capital to remove and properly dispose of the Perc from the cleaning facilities prior to the closing date of purchase. Perc was replaced with an environmentally friendly solvent known as DrySolv® and Fabrisol™XL. Both solvents are considered non–regulated by the EPA and are excellent agents to remove soil and grease in garments.

In January of 2011, Capitol Cleaners introduced yet another “green” solvent to its South Dixie location named EcoSolv® to replace the DrySolv solvent. This is also an environmentally friendly solvent and is used by Drycleaners as a replacement to Perchloroethylene throughout the country.

Capitol Cleaners continues to be proud of protecting the environment by using environmentally friendly practices. Another of those practices relate to the recycling of hangers used in their packaging of finished garments. Thousands of wire hangers are recycled by the help of our customers each day. Capitol Cleaners practice to recycle hangers in its packaging process of finished garments keeps the price of drycleaning lower but also eliminates thousands of un–used hangers from ending up in landfills.


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